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Rainwater tank level monitoring with Raspberry Pi Pico W

I have a rainwater tank in my garden and I’m a tinkerer, so I decided to do some water level monitoring.


Current ranking of Formula 1 teams by IT sponsors 2024 (UPDATED)

This is an updated ranking (as of 2024-04-21) of Formula 1 teams, ranked by their IT sponsors whose logos are displayed on their car wraps.


I switched my Docker backend from Hyper-V to WSL2

I’ve been using Docker for nearly three years now, primarily for development purposes.


What I Read and Played in 2023

What I Read Well, not much. Certainly not as much as when I didn’t have a child :))


New version of my game Nazdar! (v0.17)

After nine months, I have released a new version of my open-source game, Nazdar!


Current ranking of Formula 1 teams by IT sponsors 2023 (FINAL)

This is an updated FINAL ranking (as of 2023-11-26) of Formula 1 teams, ranked by their IT sponsors or the products whose logos are displayed on their car wraps.


Why Microsoft is pushing WinUI when it does everything with the web

Loop Clipchamp Outlook Why should we, poor developers, use native Microsoft desktop technologies (even if they are multiplatform) like MAUI or WinUI3, when even Microsoft itself is not capable of it and uses web technologies for new applications?


How To Restore MariaDB backup

This is a very fine-tuned procedure to restore MariaDB backups.


My Thoughts On The New Xbox Series X

Call me an early adopter, but it’s only 2023 and I just bought a new Xbox Series X.


My First Real Game - Check It Out - Nazdar! The Game

After more than a year of work, in March I “published” my more or less first real game, which I programmed in C# in the Monogame framework.


How I Built My Own Arcade Cabinet

Who could resist building their own gaming console?


What I Read and Played in 2022

What I Read In 2022, I hardly read anything, I mostly played games.


How I Escaped the Cloud

Half a year ago, I famously migrated my websites and experiments to Azure, specifically to Static Web Apps (which are free), App Service (Flask website, also basically free with limited CPU time), and Cosmos DB (a NoSQL database with a SQL-like API…sounds better than it actually is).


BitBucket PowerToy - my (another) mini-project

I have a problem with issues at work being spread across several BitBucket repositories.


Diesel - my next mini project

I made a mini project just for fun - diesel - it shows the current fuel prices at my two favorite gas stations.


How I migrated to the cloud

I decided to move all my small websites from the company server to the cloud and get rid of Wordpress at the same time, because I’m a Wordpress hater.


ExitShop IoT - smart box

I created an Internet of Things smart box for ExitShop to display the current number of orders and, most importantly, play a melody (like Super Mario) when a new order arrives.


Heating Dashboard, Tecomat Scraping in Node.js, WiFi Thermometer on ESP8266, and More

In our house, we have underfloor heating controlled by a Tecomat box, which opens and closes valves based on the temperature in each room and the set target temperature, allowing hot water to flow into each room separately.


How to Play Steam Games on Your TV?

Not all games are available on Xbox, so every gamer surely has Steam.


What I Read and Played in 2021

This year, we moved and now we are three.


How Firefox annoyed me with automatic form caching

I don’t know when or why, but Firefox started caching forms, probably as a protection against accidental deletion, for example by refreshing the page.


My humble DIY weather station

I built my weather station a few years ago, but only now do I dare to write an article about it.


I Hate Medium

I’m so old that I remember the time of bloggers and RSS readers.


Why are new microwaves so complicated?

This microwave is about 20 years old.


From WAMP to Docker, simply

Motivation Whenever we onboard a new developer to ExitShop, the biggest challenge is setting up the system locally, typically on some WAMP (Xampp, Neard…).


What I Read in 2020

Here it is! Once again, a list of what I read last year.


What I played in 2020?

Here is a chronological list of games I played in 2020!


Building a Family House

Planting a tree, building a house, having a son…currently I’m at the second point.


How do I like playing on Nintendo 2DS?

Nintendo 2DS is a “stripped-down” version of the famous 3DS and does not have a flip design + does not have 3D display (which was a hit in 2013).


Windows - Clipboard History

A great feature in Windows 10 is the native support for Clipboard History.


How to play retro games - fake consoles? Nintendo and SEGA

I have already written about how to create a gaming console from a Raspberry Pi.


OttoDIY - Build Your Own Robot

OttoDIY is an open source project with a wide community.


What I Read in 2019

This year I slowed down a bit. My list includes both absolute nonsense and excellent books.


Make a gaming console out of Raspberry Pi with RetroPie

Another use for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer can be a retro gaming console.


ARCO1500 - support on Startovač and get a retro gaming console

After about a year of development, I would like to introduce our new project - ARCO1500 8-bit gaming console.


Controlling a 3D Printer with OctoPrint

When 3D printing, you have three options:


Nákupní galerie s potřebami pro domácnost

Domácnost potřebuje mnoho věcí, ale hledat je v obchodech obvykle trvá dlouho.


Affordable 3D Printer - Alfawise U30

I recently purchased the Alfawise U30, a Chinese 3D printer.


How to save money when shopping at foreign e-shops (Aliexpress, PayPal) with Revolut + 300 CZK gift

With Revolut, you can get a free MasterCard payment card that you can use to send (top up) money and pay anywhere - online or physically.


How to Make Your Own Digital Thermometer with Arduino and LM75A

I made a digital thermometer using the following components:


How to connect LM75 thermometer to Raspberry Pi

We have already shown how to measure the temperature of the processor and receive email notifications when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold.


Simpler Posting to Multiple Social Media Accounts - Postfity

Recently, I wanted to boost the social media presence of my projects and since posting on Facebook is so tedious and annoying, I looked for a program (or service, although I would prefer a simple application…) that would allow me to post to multiple networks at once.


How to download torrents on Raspberry Pi

If you use Raspberry Pi as a server, turning it into a torrent client/server is a great idea - it’s always online, so you can download day and night.


How to Make a Stool from Pallets

Today we will show you how to make a stool and how it can help prevent hemorrhoids or constipation.


How to Monitor Temperature on Raspberry Pi

You don’t want your Raspberry Pi to catch fire, do you?


How to create a shared storage from Raspberry Pi

Today we will show you how to create a shared disk in your local network.


How to Make a Media Server from Raspberry Pi

Today we will show you how to make a media server in your local network.


How to Make a Web Server with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can be used for many things.


How to Easily Automate Website Testing - Selenium and Webdriver

After every major change in a project, or even with every release, it is advisable to test the basic functionality of the application.


How to Hack Saved Passwords from Browsers

I have recorded a short tutorial on how to retrieve saved passwords from a browser.


Better Video Editing - Filmora

If the Photos app for Windows 10 is not enough for your video editing needs, you may need to invest in a better program.


Video Editing in Windows 10

Movie Maker was simply an unbeatable program for simple video editing.


Two useful tools for automatic PHP code improvement - ECS and Rector

The first tool is Easy Coding Standard. You can install it via composer (either in your project or globally) and simply run it in the console:


How I Bought a Hamster and Built Him a Shelter Including Electrification

I bought a hamster for an ungodly amount of money at Petshop for my workplace.


What I Read in 2018

Without any unnecessary introductions, here is a list of books I read in 2018, chronologically:


Upgrading CodeIgniter from version 2 to 3 - what to watch out for?

The CodeIgniter documentation describes the upgrade process in quite detail on this page.


How I turned off notifications

A few months ago, I did a great thing - I turned off notifications for my work email on my phone and removed the icon from my home screen.


How I Cleaned My Nose

Jala neti is originally a yoga tool. However, you don’t have to be a yogi to try it.


What I Read in 2017

So I finally caught up with this report.


What I Read in 2016

Another article from the archive secrets section is here.


What I Read in 2015

Whaaat, what is this current article? In 2015, I started keeping a reading diary, or just writing down the books I read in OneNote, because after finishing school I started reading more.


How to Illuminate Your Bed with LED Strips Like a Pro

This article is a follow-up to an older piece - How to Make a Pallet Bed with Lights Like a Pro - where I used a regular 20m string of lights to illuminate the bed and somewhat falsely labeled it as LED lights in the article…


Percona Toolkit for analyzing MySQL slow log on Windows

Analyzing MySQL slow log is one of the basic and most powerful ways to speed up a website and prevent overloading the database server.


Google Shopping - how to have multiple websites under one account

It may seem unbelievable, but by default, Google Shopping does not allow you to manage multiple websites (e-commerce stores) under one account.


5 Useful Developer Extensions for Chrome

Hey, I offer an overview of extensions that I use when developing websites.


cmder: upgraded console for Windows

Unfortunately, cmd.exe has been the same for several (dozens of) years and lacks many pleasant features compared to Unix terminals.


How to type faster on a keyboard?

I don’t mean typing directly, but mainly deleting and editing text.


I have founded a new e-shop - Bastlíme

I have founded a new “mini-shop”, or as we call it in ExitShop, a “one-page e-shop”, this time focused on Arduino and accessories - it’s called Bastlíme.


Almost Hipster Fashion by TrueHipster

For now, it’s only about t-shirts that I spray through a hand-cut stencil or paint.


DIY Dog Bed Made from an Old Tire!

My friends often call me a true hipster, DIY lover, handmade enthusiast and other similar names.


Bluetooth Car with Arduino

My childhood dream came true and I built my own remote-controlled car.


How to Make a Glowing Pallet Bed Like a Boss

First, you need to find pallets, which is almost a superhuman task.


DIY Electronics!

I’m back after 9 months, just like when a child is born, I am reborn on this blog.


How I fixed my Xbox 360

Recently, my Xbox 360 broke down with the classic RROD (Red Ring of Death) after only a month of use.


Which browser is the best?

None of them. In the past few months, I have tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera instead of Chrome, and I don’t know the winner.


If you want to keep something, put it on free hosting

And preferably on or It has been proven to me several times.


No reason to use BS Player anymore

If you still use the BS Player, an ergonomic nightmare from the days of burning movies onto CDs, pay attention.


Social Informatics, Goodbye and Bachelor's Degree!

It’s been a few weeks since I successfully completed my studies in Social Informatics at FI MUNI.


Expedition Tre Kronor

Yesterday, I returned from a week-long Eurotrip with friends.


How I taught an ECDL course

For a few days, I tried working as a lecturer for an ECDL course in Přerov.


How do I like playing on Xbox?

Good :) Finally, I can try and play games that I couldn’t even dream of on my laptop.


A Few Updates from the Life of a Small-Town Guy

So, it’s been a week since I proudly graduated.


I've done it

And successfully. Today, on June 19th, I became a bachelor of Social Informatics at MUNI Czechia.


How is the development of Steam Kitty going?

Promisingly, after about a month, I’ve leaned back into it and am slowly finishing up.


Steam Kitty - development continues

Development of my game project is progressing nicely.


How I mined and re-mined

In April of last year, I had a presentation in school about virtual currency, specifically about Bitcoins.


New version of Diabetic Diary!

Yesterday, on impulse from a user, I decided to expand the functionality of my simple Android application by adding data export, specifically glucose value tables.


Flux: Save Your Eyes

If you belong to the army of IT guys like me, who stare at monitors for long hours at night, try the program f.


SteamKitty - development started

After unsuccessful attempts with in both its versions (text-based game, MMORPG), I decided to do something simpler, something I will actually finish.


Dog Pee - one of the first Czech HTML5 games in Windows 8 Store!

Yes, it’s true! Today, my Windows 8 version of Dog Pee was approved.


Dog Pee comeback!

About a year ago, I created an HTML5 game for the Google MámPadla competition and placed 3rd.


Registering in web catalogs / directories - does it have any meaning?

A silly question. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Looking back at the Mám padla competition

“In the end, the TV Program application was declared the winner, while QR Code Base was disqualified - however, there was still no official statement.


Dog Pee - my new HTML5 game!

It’s true, I too have succumbed to the HTML5 craze and decided to create an HTML5 game for a competition organized by Google - Mám Padla.