How I mined and re-mined

2014-01-30 | 200 words

In April of last year, I had a presentation in school about virtual currency, specifically about Bitcoins.

Even then, it was already too late. And a year before that too :)

Overnight, I mined a fraction of a Bitcoin on my laptop, which was worth about 60 cents at the time, but today it would be around 4 Czech crowns.

And sometime in December or maybe even January of this year, I also mined Litecoins, but not on my laptop anymore. This time, I used my VPS and 2x Microsoft Azure trial, which means I used server processors that were running at 100% from morning to night for about a month.

In total, I mined about 0.5 LTC, which is worth about $10 now that LTC has dropped to $20. So, if you don’t have a powerful graphics card, don’t even bother trying. Unless you’re doing it for fun, like I did. It’s entertaining. Who knows, maybe it will gain more value in the future. I’m keeping it.

PS. I also have 2000 Coinyecoins, or however it’s spelled, which is a currency “inspired” by rapper Kanye West, who I think has even sued the creators. It’s also just for fun.