Steam Kitty - development continues

2014-02-10 | 220 words

dog2Development of my game project is progressing nicely. The release may be sooner than I expected, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

In the past few days, I managed to fix a collision bug and today I introduced a concept of in-game currency and vibrations on mobile devices. You can follow the progress on the Facebook fan page or directly on the website, where you can also find a screenshot of what it might look like.

Current goals are to solve sound issues in a reasonable way, which is challenging due to limitations of mobile platforms, clarify the graphics style, improve the interface, etc. It’s going pretty well for me because I finally learned to program object-oriented and I’m trying to do it properly. And I also want to do something with these websites, they are still quite spartan.

You have probably heard about the success of Flappy Bird, a Vietnamese guy was making $50k a day from it and a few hours ago he removed the game from the App Store and Google Play, saying it ruined his peaceful life. I also want to ruin my life like that, with a million a day. Anyway, the similarity of the game mechanism caught my attention, even though there’s nothing new about it. But it’s still encouraging.