How do I like playing on Xbox?

2014-07-18 | 129 words

Good :) Finally, I can try and play games that I couldn’t even dream of on my laptop. All I need to do is buy an Xbox 360, which can be found on Aukro for just over 2,000, connect it to the TV and that’s it. Although it doesn’t have as great graphics as a computer worth 30,000, it doesn’t bother me on the TV and I never cared about graphics anyway. The main thing for me has always been the smoothness of the game.

Not that I’m a gamer, but sometimes before going to bed, it’s not a bad idea to play a horror game or something. Michal Koníček wrote about the benefits on his blog, I recommend it.

PS. And you can even play SteamKitty on it!

Xbox 360 Steamkitty