Expedition Tre Kronor

2014-08-01 | 373 words

Yesterday, I returned from a week-long Eurotrip with friends. After a very long planning process (practically a year spent in pubs :)), we decided on the route Germany (Jesteburg) -> Denmark (Copenhagen) -> Sweden (Stockholm) -> Poland (Kolobrzeg). It was a successful trip, 4000 km and diverse experiences.

We only passed through Germany, stayed near Hamburg and the next day we headed to Copenhagen, a charming but expensive city, via a beautiful bridge over the sea. Copenhagen is a beautiful city about the size of Brno, a small Paris. You can walk everywhere, it’s just beautiful and clean with lots of sights. Relaxing.

Stockholm was the same, beautiful, clean, but hellishly expensive. Parking for a day in the center costs about 700 CZK, there are no free spots. Even locals have to pay. Fortunately, not on weekends, but we didn’t know that. We visited the Vasa Museum and walked around Stockholm at night, accidentally stumbling upon the Nobel Academy and other interesting places. We stayed in a hotel without staff, with a code lock, which was a big excitement, feeling like 007. The Swedish countryside is beautiful.

And then came the cultural shock, Poland. Kolobrzeg itself is a beautiful tourist resort by the sea (18 degrees, mmm nipples harden), but unfortunately, Poland as a whole, like the Czech Republic, is just a different league. On the way to the sea, every meter was littered with PET bottles, refrigerators, etc. Ruined houses, broken roads, yokels. But at least it’s cheap, so we ate and drank like kings.

In the meantime, we camped twice in Sweden by the lake and then in the forest. The sun set around 11 pm and the nature was beautiful. It just took us a lot of time and fuel to find a suitable spot.

A few embarrassing notes and then a few photos.