Social Informatics, Goodbye and Bachelor's Degree!

2014-08-02 | 228 words

It’s been a few weeks since I successfully completed my studies in Social Informatics at FI MUNI. I would like to write a few lines about it, more like a bark. I still want to study at that school :D

It’s a new field, suffering from classic diseases such as non-existent / non-binding mandatory subjects in the recommended composition, surprising and sometimes disdainful views of interested teachers, overall ignorance of what it actually is, etc.

I think I understand what social informatics is about. But in my opinion, it’s a bit different than easy IT subjects mixed with classic sociology and surveys, spiced up with some speech recognition from a train. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. It’s like studying two different fields halfway, I didn’t catch any connection between IT and sociology that would be worth mentioning.

I slacked off, so the state exams were nerve-wracking. But this chapter is behind me now, I may miss sociology and in September I will probably continue at SSME, which is another hybrid theory :)

PS. And if you want to take a look at my bachelor’s thesis, please do. I wrote it practically, so I would say that some things are really good. For example, the Czech guide to Cordova workflow. Otherwise, it’s a completely embarrassing formal thing. Download it here - Multiplatform Development in HTML5.