If you want to keep something, put it on free hosting

2014-08-06 | 221 words

And preferably on wz.cz or ic.cz. It has been proven to me several times. Your hard drives crash, you delete unimportant things, you forget… but the free hosting giants remain. And with them, your embarrassing websites from 2006-2007. I was 14-15 years old and I made such beautiful pieces:

I am fascinated by that period of creating such websites. A person created a website in a moment - usually about a band, actor, mobile phone, etc…, filled it with stupid texts and people actually went there. Just like that. And then came MFA - wonderful. And then the crisis and Facebook :)

Overall, today (ok, I’m writing this on August 1st in the queue :D) I reminisced about my old websites. About the beginnings on Webtrh, when the highest goal for me was to earn 300 CZK a month by creating perverted banners and later writing texts. But those earnings were a different story for a young boy. Suddenly I could buy whatever I wanted, of course within my means and not just rely on pocket money. Also (I was 17?) I complained about everything on Webtrh - accounting, design, programming (I didn’t even know anything). Nostalgia.