How I fixed my Xbox 360

2014-09-01 | 224 words

Recently, my Xbox 360 broke down with the classic RROD (Red Ring of Death) after only a month of use. It was purchased from Aukra, so it’s not surprising. I have a feeling it had already been repaired before I got it, as there were a few broken legs on the processor before I started working on it, but the warranty sticker was still intact. A kind soul quickly got me a new one, but I also bought a repair kit from eBay. The kit consisted of 8 screws, several washers, and thermal paste.


Baking for 15 minutes

Today, I spent about two hours fixing it, with half an hour spent opening the Xbox, another half hour cleaning the processor and heatsinks of the old paste, and another half hour heating it up and then reassembling it. Surprisingly, it works now. Essentially, it was just a matter of replacing the thermal paste, screwing it back together, and baking it.

As usual, I ended up with 9 screws in my hand after reassembly (8 small black ones and one larger one that I accidentally pulled out). I have no idea where they’re supposed to go, but nothing seems to be loose, so hopefully it’s not a problem.

I used this guide. And now it’s back on Aukra, but I’m not a jerk, so I listed it as refurbished.