cmder: upgraded console for Windows

2018-01-31 | 185 words

Unfortunately, cmd.exe has been the same for several (dozens of) years and lacks many pleasant features compared to Unix terminals. And if it doesn’t lack them, it’s incompatible with Unix, which can be an obstacle in development - many tutorials are written for Unix and you will encounter it on servers as well. It’s difficult to copy and paste from and to it, scrolling is difficult, standard Unix commands don’t work, etc.

If you install Git on Windows, you also get Git bash, which takes over some Unix commands and can be a solution. Personally, I used it happily for over two years.

But an even better (and nicer) alternative is Cmder, which you can download for free either in the “mini” version or the “full” version, which also includes Git. You don’t even have to install Cmder, there is also a portable version. It supports beautiful color highlighting (git, python, …), switching between multiple terminals with tabs. You can also connect Putty through it, connect directly via SSH, or set which terminals should open by default when you start it up and other features.