5 Useful Developer Extensions for Chrome

2018-02-02 | 221 words

Hey, I offer an overview of extensions that I use when developing websites. They are practically the only extensions I use, besides AdBlock. I try to keep them to a minimum.

1. Facebook Pixel Helper

An extension used to check Facebook pixels on a website. You can use it to immediately check if your tracking pixels and event sending are working, and if not, it will advise you on what to fix.

2. Google Tag Assistant

A slightly less successful version of the Facebook extension, this time for Google scripts (Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.). The control could be a little better, sometimes it’s quite difficult to switch between them. Before using it, you need to enable it on a specific page and then reload it.

3. Page Ruler

A ruler. I use it occasionally to measure distances, but mainly to check that elements are aligned to the pixel exactly as I want them to be.

4. Page load time

A great extension that simply displays the page load time on its button. Even though I have Tracy enabled during development, which only measures script execution time, this extension measures the total page load time.

5. ColorZilla

A dropper for quickly determining the color used on a website. Faster than examining an element through development tools and looking for its color/background color.