How to Illuminate Your Bed with LED Strips Like a Pro

2018-03-24 | 228 words

This article is a follow-up to an older piece - How to Make a Pallet Bed with Lights Like a Pro - where I used a regular 20m string of lights to illuminate the bed and somewhat falsely labeled it as LED lights in the article…

But times are changing, and so is our bed. We wanted more. That’s why, under the expert guidance of the leading Czech company LEDtech, I decided to create custom LED lighting. And to make it even better, it will be RGB lighting controlled by remote control made from LED strips, not only for the bed but also for the TV.

A precise plan is the foundation of success:

First, it is necessary to cut the strips to the desired size. Aluminum profiles must be placed underneath to dissipate heat - this also strengthens the strip. Then comes the soldering and testing:

Next, the strips are assembled and connected to the power source and the remote control is set up. Components from my shop BastlĂ­ will also come in handy - specifically, a mini breadboard if you want both sides of the board to be detachable.

I also attach a video showing one of the possible lighting modes. This is just for demonstration purposes, in practice it is much better to choose one color according to your mood and adjust its intensity :)