What I Read in 2017

2018-04-30 | 483 words

So I finally caught up with this report. Some of these books I sell on my online shop.

  1. Debating in the Pub - philosophical debates between a worker and a scientist during the totalitarian regime in a pub. Is everything deterministic or do we have free will?
  2. The Wealth of Nations - more of a collection item. I supported the crowdfunding campaign for its publication.
  3. 1984 - no need for explanation.
  4. Selling to Win - I think I was starting my online shop at that time :) cheap-sounding title, but surprisingly, I have a lot of notes from that book.
  5. Self-Discipline - The Only Way to Success - I was probably into audiobooks that had piled up.
  6. Great Bosses - I don’t remember much about it :)
  7. The Day I Learned to Live - “Luxury is a substitute for lame self-confidence.”
  8. Fire - a great book from 1916 describing the experiences of a French soldier in the trenches. What’s great about it is that he didn’t even know how the war would end at that time.
  9. At Full Tilt - you have to survive the author’s super ego, but otherwise, it’s a pleasant read :)
  10. The End of the Wasp Season - a great detective story.
  11. Razor-Sharp Web - I don’t know what to think about it :) I’m probably not the target audience. Beautifully designed book, though, I have to admit.
  12. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - I don’t remember.
  13. Webcopywriting for Self-Taught - definitely not recommended.
  14. Internet Marketing (Viktor Janouch) - not recommended, too textbook-like, not practical enough.
  15. Butterfly Skin - an 18+ novel about murders in Russia, very good.
  16. The Black Sheep of Facebook - again, not recommended. Also, terrible design.
  17. Prague of Alphonse Mucha - a beautiful book about Mucha, including pictures. It was a pleasure.
  18. The Little Prince - a pleasant read.
  19. Nefilis - a good detective story with a story, unfortunately, poorly translated.
  20. The Sewn Doll - surprisingly good book about the fate of women during socialism.
  21. Ants - a French novel, very strange. Two storylines that eventually intersect.
  22. Back Up - a good story about a drummer. I don’t remember exactly, but it was somehow intertwined with government interventions, etc.
  23. We Wanted More Than Supermarkets - a great thing from Klaus - “there used to be central planning, now we have regulations.”
  24. Punk Business - a good story about a duo who started a home brewery.
  25. When Lenin Came and Churchill Sacrificed a Sheep - entertaining reading, who knows how much truth there is to it.
  26. The War of Art - it disappointed me. I probably couldn’t think about it enough.
  27. The Emperor’s Command Came - I like the First World War, great thing. Letters from soldiers on the front to their homes.
  28. Factory of Dreams - a quick read by Annie Songe. I’m not the target audience, but something amused me :)