How to Make Your Own Digital Thermometer with Arduino and LM75A

2019-09-06 | 131 words

I made a digital thermometer using the following components:

I made the thermometer myself (with the help of Arduino). The entire project has a power consumption of only about 50 mA.

The wiring is simple. The most difficult part was figuring out the pin-out of the chosen LM75A module. It is actually designed for Raspberry Pi, where it is simply inserted. So based on the pin layout on the Raspberry, I created this professional diagram:

Pin layout on LM75A

And the entire wiring looks like this:

Thermometer wiring diagram

You can download the program code here. It uses the U8G2 and LM75A.h libraries.

You can buy the entire kit, including assembly instructions, on my eshop bastlĂ­ and support me in further DIY projects.