Affordable 3D Printer - Alfawise U30

2019-09-30 | 231 words

I recently purchased the Alfawise U30, a Chinese 3D printer. You can buy it from Gearbest for $170 including shipping. Choose the Fast-23 warehouse, which is located in the Czech Republic, so your package will arrive within two days.

The printer is sold as a kit, and it took me about four hours to assemble. I accidentally screwed in the second screw from the wrong side and stripped the thread. Luckily, I had a set for removing broken screws (my online shop). I had to drill a new hole and use a different screw to secure it. Unfortunately, there were no spare screws included in the package. The instructions were fairly clear, but there was another one in electronic form on the provided SD card, which seemed better to me.

The process of assembling the Alfawise U30 3D printer

The finished product looks like this. I had a problem with the Z-axis, which turned out to be a poorly attached screw to the motor. Before printing, it is necessary to level the bed so that the distance between the nozzle and the bed is the same everywhere.

The finished Alfawise U30 printer

The display is clear, but unfortunately, it is resistive.

One of the first 3D prints I made. It’s not a perfect result. More common shapes, such as boxes, look nicer.

A greatly reduced IronMan - 3 cm in height.