What I Read in 2019

2020-01-04 | 428 words

This year I slowed down a bit. My list includes both absolute nonsense and excellent books. Most of the good ones were fiction. Of the “professional” ones, if you can even call them that, none really caught my attention.

  1. The Developer’s Code - nice essays from the life of a programmer, a pleasant shorter book.
  2. Sklik Simply - a small brochure, quite old, I took away a few things.
  3. How to Sell More with Affiliate Marketing - not for nothing is this book given away for free - it’s self-promotion by Mr. Roženský :)
  4. C++ Without Prior Knowledge - a bit more theoretical, sometimes too in-depth. I would imagine it more practical, as it is a book for beginners.
  5. The Last Flight of Poxl West - about a Jewish boy who escaped to the Netherlands and then to England. The second plot line is about a boy who helps him with his autobiography.
  6. The Son - a detective novel by Jo Nesbo. About drugs, a good book.
  7. Universal Principles of Design - I wrote down a few interesting things - the pigeon project, the wabi sabi principle, the golden ratio, dividing an image into 3x3.
  8. PHP The Right Way - nicely explained “correct” practices in the PHP world - probably the only ebook from this year.
  9. The Alchemist - very similar to The Little Prince, a fairy tale.
  10. K. H. Borovský - The Baptism of St. Vladimir, King Lávra, Tyrolean Elegies, Epigrams - great reading, I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop :)
  11. Blood, Sweat, and Pixels - stories of 10 games (The Witcher, Stardew Valley, Uncharted, …) and how their development went. In short, always problems with deadlines.
  12. 97 Things Good Programmer Should Know - not such a hit, a lot of advice on testing. Mostly always from a different author.
  13. The Art of War - interesting reading - basically recommends thinking everything through, not acting hastily, planning, etc.
  14. Hygge - Danish lifestyle.
  15. Every Step Counts - first theory, then an endless amount of warm-up and proper walking photos.
  16. The Eight Bits - a continuation of The Gate, volts, microchips. Too difficult for me.
  17. The Chronicles of Narnia I. - a beautiful fairy tale, really. I was once in the cinema for it.
  18. Company of One - disappointment - over and over again “XY believes that customer satisfaction is the most important thing for companies of one”. I was expecting more practical advice.
  19. Restart - a short book by the founders of Basecamp (DHH and the other guy).
  20. Keep Going - nothing special, a design booklet.