What I Read in 2020

2021-01-01 | 399 words

Here it is! Once again, a list of what I read last year. For the fifth time.

  1. The Bat (Jo Nesbo) - the first book in the Harry Hole detective series.
  2. Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo) - the second book. It seemed weaker to me.
  3. Napoleon’s Soldier (Jiří Kovařík) - an excellent historical book from my favorite publisher Melvil. It tells about the common hardships and joys of Napoleon’s soldiers.
  4. Digidetox (Matěj Krejčí) - I have no comment on this, the book didn’t interest me. It’s more of a promo for his training.
  5. Atomic Habits (James Clear) - a more interesting book - about how small steps add up.
  6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis) - a short fairy tale book, I enjoyed it.
  7. Redbreast (Jo Nesbo) - the third book with Harry Hole, chronologically the best so far.
  8. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Robert A. Glover) - well, I expected more.
  9. Great Czechs 1918 (Josef Landergott) - I got the book as a subscriber to Echo and I quite enjoyed it.
  10. Mengele’s Girl (Viola Stern Fischerová, Veronika Homolová Tóthová) - it’s not great literature, but it’s a hugely impressive account of a Holocaust survivor.
  11. Nemesis (Jo Nesbo) - the fourth book in the Harry Hole series. Another good piece. This year was really marked by Jo Nesbo (how do you decline that??)
  12. 50 Strange Characters (Ondřej Štindl) - again from Echo, a disparate description of 50 completely different personalities. I enjoyed it.
  13. PHP Security Principles (Eric Mann) - a good overview of possible security holes in PHP applications. The author followed the OWASP list, which bothered me a bit. He didn’t have to keep referring to it all the time :)
  14. Upheaval (Jared Diamond) - an impressive book about how individual nations deal with crises. I have several problems with it, especially the constant comparison of national crises with personal ones. It’s boring. And also, it seems to me that the author generalizes his personal experiences to entire nations.
  15. The Circadian Code (Satchin Panda) - I really enjoyed this book. Following the circadian code (sleep, food) is presented there as a kind of miraculous cure for everything, but it’s good :)
  16. The Queen of Fear (collective) - for anyone who has ever experienced panic attacks, you know :)
  17. Sex, Drugs and Bitcoin (Dominik Stroukal) - a well-written story from the Dark Web.