What I Read and Played in 2021

2022-01-01 | 372 words

This year, we moved and now we are three. I didn’t have much energy for reading, but a reading diary cannot be missing. I spent more time playing games, especially on Xbox.


  1. The World That Ended Yesterday - a great book describing different civilizations in different themes. The author mixes in his own experiences a bit too much and generalizes them. I also read Rozvrat by this author (last year).
  2. Interhelpo - left-wing internationalists go to Kyrgyzstan to build socialism and end up very badly.
  3. You Are About to Make a Big Mistake - okay, but I’m starting to enjoy these self-help books less and less.
  4. Hitler’s Mein Kampf - From the Bible of German National Socialism with Commentary by Jiří Hájek - I didn’t like the style in which the author of the commentary describes and tears down the original text. It’s completely unnecessary and repetitive.
  5. All Quiet on the Western Front - fantastic! I only saw the movie as required reading.
  6. I didn’t finish the sequel The Road Back, I didn’t find it very interesting.
  7. Hardcore History - unrelated chapters from history, very interesting.
  8. Czechoslovak Legionnaires in World War I - a great book about the history of the legionnaires in France, Italy, and Russia.


  1. Battlefield 5 - okay, I played online for a while too.
  2. Wolfenstein II - I was excited.
  3. Wolfenstein Old Blood - nothing special.
  4. Wolfenstein New Order - I played it for the second time, still great.
  5. Kingdom: Two Crowns - this is a gem! Micro-strategy and platformer. I finished the campaign 3 times in the last month.
  6. Valiant Hearts: The Great War - ah, Ubisoft. I haven’t seen so many bugs in such an old game in a long time. Nice graphics, interesting theme, but a bit boring. I enjoyed the historical facts the most :D
  7. Age of Empires II - I played it last year too, but this year I completed all campaigns, historical battles, and DLCs. These are very hard-earned Gold points. When I see some games that you just have to turn on and you get 50G… here, for a whole campaign with maybe 6 missions, you get 5G :D
  8. Subnautica - nonsense! One of the best survival games? Nonsense!