BitBucket PowerToy - my (another) mini-project

2022-05-18 | 143 words

I have a problem with issues at work being spread across several BitBucket repositories. BitBucket cannot limit the visibility of issues to a specific person/team, so we have a separate repository for each major client.

The solution is my new mini-project - BitBucket Powertoy

Its only task is to display your issues (i.e. those assigned to you) in one place. After logging in, it retrieves them from the API (which takes some time) and then you can sort them in a table by any column.

Originally, I had this project in Blazor (I’ve been wanting to make something in it for a long time), but in the end, as always, I ended up with Python, using the Flask framework. Instead of Bootstrap, I’m using the Bulma framework for the first time here. And of course, it runs as an Azure Web App :)

BitBucket PowerToy