New version of my game Nazdar! (v0.17)

2023-12-29 | 173 words

After nine months, I have released a new version of my open-source game, Nazdar! The Game.

The main addition is a survival mode, an endless game where you try to survive as long as possible. Tougher enemies appear earlier, making it a more challenging game mode overall.

I’ve also added a brief tutorial, or rather a couple of catchphrases, that appear in the first level. Many players aren’t sure what to do at the beginning :)

If you’re wondering how I made this game, it was developed using the Monogame framework, which is the spiritual successor to XNA. It’s not an engine, but “just” a framework that handles the game loop and a few other low-level tasks. The entire game is essentially a canvas on which you draw and capture keystrokes and touch events. The game is written in C# and is open-source and cross-platform - it runs on Windows/Xbox, Linux, and Android.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a positive review and some comments in the store :) Thanks!