What I Read and Played in 2023

2024-01-11 | 391 words

What I Read

Well, not much. Certainly not as much as when I didn’t have a child :))

Anyway, here’s the list:

  1. The Dark Beginnings of Czech History (Temné počátky českých dějin in Czech). Book about the history of the Czech lands from the beginning. I read it in Czech, so I don’t know if it’s available in English. It’s a very interesting book, I recommend it.
  2. Lament of the Lamb 1 My first experience with manga. I don’t know if I’ll read more, but I liked it.
  3. Pentagram Typical detective story from Jo Nesbo, nice reading.
  4. The Idle Parent Well, I disagree with the author on many things, but some of his ideas are interesting. Some.
  5. Genius Foods I took some interesting things from this book, but I think it is (not surprisingly) a bit one-sided.

What I Played

I bought a new Xbox Series X (finally). But I didn’t play that much. Most times I turned on the console, I just watch YouTube :)

  1. No Man’s Sky I tried it out for the third time and I finally liked it. I also like the story behind the game and how the developers have been improving it over the years. It is certainly an original game.
  2. Firewatch Nice adventure game, I liked it.
  3. Vampire survivors This one caught me really fast. I played it for a few days and then I was done with it. But it was fun. I love the idea of auto-fire.
  4. Halo: Combat Evolved Very long levels, but for a game from 2001, it’s still fun. I really like the fact that you can switch between the old and the new graphics in the game at any time with one button.
  5. Forza Horizon I mean the game is fun and everything, but the story of a racing festival in Mexico is a bit weird. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old for this :D Did not finish.
  6. 11.11 Memories Retold Very nice adventure game. I liked the story and the graphics. Sometimes I was stuck which was a bit frustrating, but overall it was an interesting experience.
  7. Nazdar! The Game Whaat? My own game? Yes. In 2023, I finally finished my first game. It’s a simple game, but I’m proud of it. You can play it here (Windows / XBox / Linux / Android): https://skoula.cz/nazdar