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Build your armored train and defend it agains the bloody Bolsheviks.

Microstrategy platformer. At night, you fight against primitive communists. At day, you build your defences and take care of your armored train. Game set in the period of the Russian Revolution, when the Czechoslovak legionnaires fought against the communists and once controlled the entire Trans-Siberian Railway.

Nazdar! The Game screenshot
Nazdar! The Game screenshot
Nazdar! The Game screenshot
Nazdar! The Game screenshot


Version v0.17 2023-10-29

Survival mode - endless slaughter of Bolsheviks. No levels, no story. Just you and your train against the endless hordes of enemies. How long can you survive?

Version v0.15 2023-03-21

Bugfixes, game balance update.

Version v0.11 2023-03-05

Game is now generally available on stores - Windows, Xbox, Android, Linux.

Version v0.10 2023-02-14

THIS IS ANOTHER HUGE UPDATE (almost 50 commits)

Version v0.9 2023-01-14

THIS IS A HUGE UPDATE (28 commits)

Version v0.8 2022-12-03

Version v0.7 2022-11-07

Version v0.6 2022-10-23

Version v0.5 2022-09-30

Version v0.4 2022-09-26

Soldiers are shooting! Multitouch on Android.

Version v0.3 2022-09-25

It somehow works on Android. Multitouch is not yet supported. It appears a bit off to the left side of the screen, I don’t know why. I can’t get it centered without breaking the aspect ratio.

Version v0.1 2022-08-21


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