Nazdar! The Game

Build your base, defend it agains the bloody Bolsheviks.

Microstrategy Platformer. A game set in the period of the Russian Revolution, when the Czechoslovak legionnaires fought against the communists and once controlled the entire Trans-Siberian Railway.

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Version v0.7 alpha 2022-11-07

Version v0.6 alpha 2022-10-23

Version v0.5 alpha 2022-09-30

Version v0.4 alpha 2022-09-26

Soldiers are shooting! Multitouch on Android.


Version v0.3 alpha 2022-09-25

It somehow works on Android. Multitouch is not yet supported. It appears a bit off to the left side of the screen, I don’t know why. I can’t get it centered without breaking the aspect ratio.


Version v0.2 alpha 2022-08-24

Version v0.1 alpha 2022-08-21 image