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Rainwater tank level monitoring with Raspberry Pi Pico W

I have a rainwater tank in my garden and I’m a tinkerer, so I decided to do some water level monitoring.


ExitShop IoT - smart box

I created an Internet of Things smart box for ExitShop to display the current number of orders and, most importantly, play a melody (like Super Mario) when a new order arrives.


Heating Dashboard, Tecomat Scraping in Node.js, WiFi Thermometer on ESP8266, and More

In our house, we have underfloor heating controlled by a Tecomat box, which opens and closes valves based on the temperature in each room and the set target temperature, allowing hot water to flow into each room separately.


My humble DIY weather station

I built my weather station a few years ago, but only now do I dare to write an article about it.


OttoDIY - Build Your Own Robot

OttoDIY is an open source project with a wide community.


ARCO1500 - support on Startovač and get a retro gaming console

After about a year of development, I would like to introduce our new project - ARCO1500 8-bit gaming console.


How to Make Your Own Digital Thermometer with Arduino and LM75A

I made a digital thermometer using the following components:


How I Bought a Hamster and Built Him a Shelter Including Electrification

I bought a hamster for an ungodly amount of money at Petshop for my workplace.


I have founded a new e-shop - Bastlíme

I have founded a new “mini-shop”, or as we call it in ExitShop, a “one-page e-shop”, this time focused on Arduino and accessories - it’s called Bastlíme.


Bluetooth Car with Arduino

My childhood dream came true and I built my own remote-controlled car.


DIY Electronics!

I’m back after 9 months, just like when a child is born, I am reborn on this blog.