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What I Read and Played in 2022

What I Read In 2022, I hardly read anything, I mostly played games.


How to Play Steam Games on Your TV?

Not all games are available on Xbox, so every gamer surely has Steam.


What I Read and Played in 2021

This year, we moved and now we are three.


What I played in 2020?

Here is a chronological list of games I played in 2020!


How do I like playing on Nintendo 2DS?

Nintendo 2DS is a “stripped-down” version of the famous 3DS and does not have a flip design + does not have 3D display (which was a hit in 2013).


How to play retro games - fake consoles? Nintendo and SEGA

I have already written about how to create a gaming console from a Raspberry Pi.


Make a gaming console out of Raspberry Pi with RetroPie

Another use for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer can be a retro gaming console.


How I fixed my Xbox 360

Recently, my Xbox 360 broke down with the classic RROD (Red Ring of Death) after only a month of use.


How do I like playing on Xbox?

Good :) Finally, I can try and play games that I couldn’t even dream of on my laptop.


Dog Pee - one of the first Czech HTML5 games in Windows 8 Store!

Yes, it’s true! Today, my Windows 8 version of Dog Pee was approved.


Dog Pee comeback!

About a year ago, I created an HTML5 game for the Google MámPadla competition and placed 3rd.


Dog Pee - my new HTML5 game!

It’s true, I too have succumbed to the HTML5 craze and decided to create an HTML5 game for a competition organized by Google - Mám Padla.