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I switched my Docker backend from Hyper-V to WSL2

I’ve been using Docker for nearly three years now, primarily for development purposes.


How Firefox annoyed me with automatic form caching

I don’t know when or why, but Firefox started caching forms, probably as a protection against accidental deletion, for example by refreshing the page.


Windows - Clipboard History

A great feature in Windows 10 is the native support for Clipboard History.


How to play retro games - fake consoles? Nintendo and SEGA

I have already written about how to create a gaming console from a Raspberry Pi.


How to save money when shopping at foreign e-shops (Aliexpress, PayPal) with Revolut + 300 CZK gift

With Revolut, you can get a free MasterCard payment card that you can use to send (top up) money and pay anywhere - online or physically.


Simpler Posting to Multiple Social Media Accounts - Postfity

Recently, I wanted to boost the social media presence of my projects and since posting on Facebook is so tedious and annoying, I looked for a program (or service, although I would prefer a simple application…) that would allow me to post to multiple networks at once.


How I Cleaned My Nose

Jala neti is originally a yoga tool. However, you don’t have to be a yogi to try it.


How to Illuminate Your Bed with LED Strips Like a Pro

This article is a follow-up to an older piece - How to Make a Pallet Bed with Lights Like a Pro - where I used a regular 20m string of lights to illuminate the bed and somewhat falsely labeled it as LED lights in the article…


Percona Toolkit for analyzing MySQL slow log on Windows

Analyzing MySQL slow log is one of the basic and most powerful ways to speed up a website and prevent overloading the database server.


Google Shopping - how to have multiple websites under one account

It may seem unbelievable, but by default, Google Shopping does not allow you to manage multiple websites (e-commerce stores) under one account.


5 Useful Developer Extensions for Chrome

Hey, I offer an overview of extensions that I use when developing websites.


cmder: upgraded console for Windows

Unfortunately, cmd.exe has been the same for several (dozens of) years and lacks many pleasant features compared to Unix terminals.


How to type faster on a keyboard?

I don’t mean typing directly, but mainly deleting and editing text.


DIY Dog Bed Made from an Old Tire!

My friends often call me a true hipster, DIY lover, handmade enthusiast and other similar names.


How to Make a Glowing Pallet Bed Like a Boss

First, you need to find pallets, which is almost a superhuman task.


How I fixed my Xbox 360

Recently, my Xbox 360 broke down with the classic RROD (Red Ring of Death) after only a month of use.


Which browser is the best?

None of them. In the past few months, I have tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera instead of Chrome, and I don’t know the winner.


No reason to use BS Player anymore

If you still use the BS Player, an ergonomic nightmare from the days of burning movies onto CDs, pay attention.


How do I like playing on Xbox?

Good :) Finally, I can try and play games that I couldn’t even dream of on my laptop.


How I mined and re-mined

In April of last year, I had a presentation in school about virtual currency, specifically about Bitcoins.


Flux: Save Your Eyes

If you belong to the army of IT guys like me, who stare at monitors for long hours at night, try the program f.


Registering in web catalogs / directories - does it have any meaning?

A silly question. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn’t worry about it.