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How To Restore MariaDB backup

This is a very fine-tuned procedure to restore MariaDB backups.


Diesel - my next mini project

I made a mini project just for fun - diesel - it shows the current fuel prices at my two favorite gas stations.


How to Make a Web Server with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can be used for many things.


Upgrading CodeIgniter from version 2 to 3 - what to watch out for?

The CodeIgniter documentation describes the upgrade process in quite detail on this page.


5 Useful Developer Extensions for Chrome

Hey, I offer an overview of extensions that I use when developing websites.


I have founded a new e-shop - Bastlíme

I have founded a new “mini-shop”, or as we call it in ExitShop, a “one-page e-shop”, this time focused on Arduino and accessories - it’s called Bastlíme.


Almost Hipster Fashion by TrueHipster

For now, it’s only about t-shirts that I spray through a hand-cut stencil or paint.


Which browser is the best?

None of them. In the past few months, I have tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera instead of Chrome, and I don’t know the winner.


If you want to keep something, put it on free hosting

And preferably on or It has been proven to me several times.